7 Day Self-Care Challenge

Alright, loves it’s time for some TLC! I hope everyone reading, is ready to take this challenge with me to support healthy minds, bodies, and souls. Self-care is a simple, yet a neglected concept by many of us; I will be the first to admit I could be much better and with the upcoming celebration of motherhood approaching what better way to begin the celebration than to challenge yourself to take care of you! Now, many are thinking “I don’t have time” well you’re in luck, I have 7 simple fast ways to take care of yourself! Many of these challenges will take as long as you wish, there is no set time limit, just take what you need and move forward.

What is Self-Care?

You may have heard the word many times but have never stopped to understand the meaning. Self-care is taking care of your mind, body, spiritual health, emotions, and increasing your own well being thought self-care behaviors. There are 6 areas of self-care that we will touch on though our journey: Physical, Psychological, Emotional, Spiritual, Personal, and Professional. Each one serves a purpose to create a more balanced and fulfilled life.

What is the Purpose?

To be the best mother, wife, employee, and self!

Day 1: Take time for Lunch

Professional: Taking a time to eat lunch weather by yourself or with a co-worker creates boundaries in your professional setting and allows you to decompress throughout the day.

Day 2: Take a walk without your phone

Physical: Taking a walk without your phone allows you to truly focus on your surroundings; you can take a walk alone or with a partner. On your walk use your sense to ground yourself to the present; utilize the movement of your body to push all your unused energy out and regulate your body.

Day 3: Tell yourself: “You are gorgeous!”

Emotional: It’s important to provide yourself with positive affirmations. The key is to say the statement out loud, when we say things out loud we place importance on the statement and begin to feel the power of the words.

Day 4: Journal

Psychological: Journaling is great for self-reflection or simply to expel all your thoughts of the day. Best time to journal is right before bed to leave your mind clear and ready for REM sleep.

Day 5: Take a bubble bath

Physical: A nice warm bath will allow your muscles to relax and tension to melt away. Try taking a bubble bath with lavender scented candles and soothing music, take your bath 30 minutes before bed to allow your body to cool off, don’t do anything too strenuous after the key is too remained relaxed.

Day 6: Do Yoga

Spiritual: You can take a class or look up a yoga video. Yoga is a great way to connect to your inner self and get a good workout. Don’t worry if you are not “good at it”; yoga is about creating a balance between body and spirit. I personally love taking a class because I feel the instructor will hold me accountable (aka I’m lazy at home).

Day 7: Spend time with family doing something you love

Personal: Many times we get lost in our to-do list and forget to make time to spend quality time together as a family. This one doesn’t have to be anything spectacular just something you enjoy doing with your family; like a picnic in the park, eating out for dinner, or making something together.

The key to Self-Care is to do it often so you are the best you for your family, friends, and self! Enjoy the challenge and let me know how you did!

Much love!

The Mind, The Beauty, and The Mommy

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