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Father’s Day is right around the corner, do you know what you are going to get him? Whether you are the child or the mommy, we must celebrate all the man of the house does for his family. I know my husband deserves a prize at times for keeping me together and our daughter, he is my rock, and my best friend, so why wouldn’t I want to shower him with gifts! Well if your man is like mine, he is hard to shop for; he either has it all or is very picky about what he likes. There are so many fathers’ out there and it can be stressful trying to find the just right gift. So check out what I put together on my way to finding the perfect Father’s Day gift!

  • The “Snacking” Dad (aka Foodie)
    • Snack Basket: Mixed Nuts, Popcorn, Favorite Candy, Beef Jerky, and a bag of Chips. This is easy to create by going to the dollar store and getting all his favorite goodies, put everything in a nice basket or tin bucket for a more rustic look.
  • The “It’s Time to Go” Dad
    • Engraved Watch: What a great way for Dad to remember you, every time he wants to yell “Let’s go” or “Andale” in my house he can think how much he loves you. 🙂
  • The “Sports Everything” Dad
    • Give him a jersey from his favorite team or and some items from the snack basket, Combo gift! You can also opt to get him multiple items to gear up for the upcoming season, hat, shirt, blanket, or a hoodie.
  • The “I Don’t Want A Gift” Dad
    • A Day Out: Go to the shooting range, visit a micro brewery, or go for a hike; any outing on his to-do list. This is my personal favorite, I love creating memories!
  • The “DIY” Dad
    • Tools or supplies for a new project he has wanted to do. If you are unsure on what he wants or needs opt for a gift card and go together to find a project.
  • The “Miami Vice” Dad
    • Personalized Decanter Set, Cigar box, or create your own bar. This one has so many ways to personalize, if he really likes a certain drink get him all the supplies to create it at home.

In addition to giving a purchased gift I also like to pair it with one that is created with something to remember this time in your child’s life. My husband loves seeing how our daughter is growing and so far I have been able to capture this through her feet and hand imprints, last year it was with paint and this year with salt dough. See below to create your own!


So have fun and be creative when creating the perfect Father’s Day gift! Let me know how it goes!

Much love!

The Mind, The Beauty, and The Mommy

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  1. Very nice post!!! Yes, we have to treat Fathers tgey deserve so much love an attention. I love the titles you gave for Dad’s pretty creative ❤

  2. Thanks Kimberly! I love that one! Great for all kinds of dad’s. I’ve made many with all different kinds of themes!

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