How to get your brain back…

So I know after having my daughter, life was a blur, still is in some aspects. Yes, the no sleeping, nursing constantly, healing physically, looking in the mirror (don’t get me started on that one….maybe a future post) and being overwhelmed with all the worries and woes of being a new mother didn’t help; but I’m talking about overcoming the daily need for your brain to function!

What I have learned as a new mother we truly cannot help this feeling, science has proven it! Look it up! But this does not stop the world from needing our undivided attention. Here are some ways to help get your brain back after baby:


I used post-it notes everywhere with everything you can imagine, I also put the written on note in the same spot every time so I did not have to remember where I put the note. I also use the Notepad app on my phone. This was very helpful because I always have my phone, it creates a date stamp, and you can use the speak-it feature.

Take a quick nap

When I say quick I mean quick, 20 minutes max after my lunch-time pump session and before my next appointment. The brain is drained and needs to recharge its battery. I know my husband is laughing because I’m a horrible nap taker, but in the early months of being a new mom I did, I had to because I couldn’t have coffee!

Crockpot Meals

If you are like me nighttime is crazy with a capital C and even harder when you are in the transition of new phases. I use my Crockpot about twice a week, to eliminate cleaning I use the liner and prep the night before. Also use paper plates…all you have to clean is a cutting board and utensils!

Get Physical

Sooo this can mean many things! But basically find a physical outlet, anything! Mine is taking a walk in the neighborhood, sometimes with the baby, by myself, or with my husband. It is a chance to disconnect from the world and really have fresh air circulating in the body. Or I love yoga! I may just do a few stretches in the morning or before bed, truly helpful. Pre-baby I loved classes and weight training, post-baby zero time so I adjusted! Find what works for you!


Okay, this is the therapist in me but it’s true! We as human beings need to socialize in order to remain sane, even more so when your world is rocked overnight. Find at least two people you can truly confide in; mine are my husband and my best friends. If you feel you are alone seek out a professional. Take away the stigma of being “crazy” and think of how to be truly HEALTHY! Mind, Body, Spirit!

Your brain will never be the same after having children, for the better. Science has shown the female brain alters after giving birth, our innate sense of emotional response is heightened and well other areas are slightly diminished. What does this mean, be flexible with who you once were and who you want to become, look at yourself with healthy positive eyes to see the beauty you have become as a woman. We love our children to death but we also need to love our life, because we are the true examples of how we want our children’s future to look. So if you are negative they will be negative, if you are positive they will see the world with optimism.

Please feel free to share your tips for getting your brain back!

Much love!

The Mind, The Beauty, and The Mommy

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