How to Travel Solo with a Toddler

If you have ever traveled with a toddler you know this can be challenging, their inability to communicate causes many stops and headaches when the trip stretches longer than 2 hours. Well over the Easter weekend I had to brave the trip solo cue the daunting music for a 4 plus hour trip, anyone who is familiar with Texas I35 you know all you can do is pray you don’t hit traffic in Austin or construction well anywhere because that can easily add an hour to your overall trip. My goal San Antonio to Arlington in 5 hours, pre baby I could easily pull a 4 hour trip but I know I will need to make a few pit stops for food and diaper changes. So get some coffee as I take you through what worked and what failed miserably on my solo trip to grandma’s house.

  • What to Pack
    • Clothes (3 outfits per day)
    • Socks (1 per outfit)
    • Pajama’s (2 extra) Shoes (Dressy and Casual)
    • Accessories (Love a good Bow)
    • Diapers (what you need + more)
    • Box of Wipes
    • Changing Pad
    • Plastic Grocery Bags
    • Bath Time (2 in 1 Shampoo/Soap, Lotion, Towel, Comb/Brush)
    • Pack n’ Play (3 Blankets, Fitted Sheet, and Stuffed Animal)
    • Stroller
  • Car Set-up
    • Changing Station
      • In the backseat or trunk area (Wipes, Diapers, Changing Pad, Plastic Grocery Bags and extra clothes for baby and you)
      • You are not guaranteed a clean restroom or a changing station
    • Snack Station
      • 2 stations one by you and on in car seat cup holder
        • I simplified by making muffin bars or other hand held snacks (banana and rice rusk were my picks), my daughter loves her puffs and yogurt bites but that is not practical for a trip that I’m not in the back seat with her
        • 2 Sippy Cups filled with water
          • One for throwing and one for drinking
          • Remember if you give water plan to stop within 30 minutes
    • Toy Station
      • One by you so you can throw a toy or two when things get rough
    • Entertainment Station
      • I love Pandora, I Heart Radio, Spotify, and YouTube for music
      • Download all videos ahead of time and strap in the tablet so little one cannot reach, I personally did not do this option but I HIGHLY recommend you do! I regret not having my tablet ready to go!

Plan you trip around nap and feeding times, try to keep your little on their schedule as much as possible, plan to take regular breaks every hour to avoid meltdowns, unless they are sleeping don’t stop just GOOOO. Remember breath and keep calm, if something doesn’t go as planned, don’t worry just adjust. You can plan until you are blue in the face but ultimately you need to remember you are traveling with an individual who has zero ability to communicate with you.

Overall my trip went well, I’m know now what I would change, Tablet YES and MORE STOPS! I made a total of 4 stops in a 4+ hour trip, I should have made more but it worked, will I do it again…maybe when she can talk!

Much love!

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