Traveling with Kids-Hotel Tips

The car is packed and ready to go! Oh wait; I don’t have room for the baby! Yes, we have all been there. Traveling with a child is always a challenge, not just because you need to keep them entertained but because they have so much stuff. Being a new parent I always want to make sure I’m fully prepared for anything and everything, but in reality that is the impossible. What’s important is being flexible and finding new solutions so you too can enjoy your vacation.

Hotel’s have many accommodations, especially if you are staying in a touristy area. Best practice, do your research prior to your trip, most will have information on their website, you can leave a note while booking or call to request/reserve items needed for your trip. Here is a quick list of things to look out for, so you have room for relaxation.

Mini Fridge– helpful to have if you are breastfeeding and wish to let loose one or two nights. Also helpful to have extra snacks and milk after breastfeeding stage. If your room doesn’t have one, ask the front desk sometime they are available upon request.

Crib/playpen– Many hotels will provide a crib for you; it is usually a pack-n-play which is very helpful in keeping your load light. Just bring an extra fitted sheet from baby’s room and you are good to go!

High Chair– If you plan on eating in your room and don’t want food everywhere, you can request a high chair be sent to your room.

Pool– So helpful in getting the kiddo’s extra tuckered out! Plus it typically is only a few hallways away.

Complementary Meals– So helpful to not have to spend extra money and time trying to find a close place to eat because it is early feeding time. I love complimentary breakfast because one parent can slip out grab a few things and bring them back to the room for all to eat. I also stash a couple extra pieces of fruit or yogurt for a midday snack for the little one.

Kid Accommodations-Some hotels offer fun kid’s kits filled with activity books, crayons, reading books, mini games, and more.

Kid Friendly Resort Activities– For the older kiddos many hotel’s offer activities/child care for a full day, half day, or a kids’ night out, for a fee.

Babysitting– Offered at most hotels located in touristy areas, for a fee mommy and daddy can have date night.

Whether you are having a staycation or going somewhere new, the key to any vacation is to have fun and make life long memories. So enjoy and relax, if something doesn’t go as planned just refocus and adjust accordingly. Life will continue and your family will be happier if you are happy.

Much love!

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