I’m Alia Cepeda, the Mind, the Beauty, and the MOMMY behind my family of three.

Why am I here? One reason: to help mommies all over the world be more than just Mommy, Mom, Mama, Mami….By encouraging others to take control and redefine what this crazy beautiful life has to offer!

About the Blog

This blog was created to be a place of support in finding beauty in all aspects of life and celebrate rocking mommies with a brain! Here we will talk about how to look beautiful while stimulating the mind, body, and spirit that is sometimes drained through the journey of parenthood.

About ME

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in San Antonio, Texas, working full time with children and adolescents. I have been married to my college sweetheart since December 2012 and we have a beautiful daughter, who blessed our lives in 2016! So yes I’m new to being a mommy, but that is the fun! My hope is to share my journey and give guidance to others in the same boat of trying to be what they call “Super Mom” which in all reality is what being a mom looks like in today’s world. My goal is to help others identify how to accomplish and satisfy their needs and wants without putting strain on their already hectic life. I hope to talk about mental health, child development, beauty tips and tricks, lifestyle hacks, balance, and self care. Join me in my journey as a blogger, mother, wife, and extraordinaire!

Thanks for joining me!

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